• EquipmentWe have in-house technology for the design, engineering, construction, assembly and commissioning of falling film evaporators, rising film and forced circulation evaporators, spray, rotary and flash dryers, as well as their complementary equipment.
  • ProcessesAt SEI Contreras Engineering we are commited to provide processing solutions custom-made to our clients´ needs, based on a deep knowledge of the products and processes.
  • ExperienceSEI CONTRERAS Engineerig has been in the capital sales market for 54 years, with world-class technology applied to more than 500 process plants all across South America.
  • MiscellaneousWe develop a fluid information Exchange with our customers in order to define their specific needs and offer the optimum solution for each one.
  • CompanyWe are the result of the merger between two Argentine market leading companies that provided design and construction of equipment and turn-key plants for the food and chemical industries.

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